Toni and Aileen – Going the Extra Mile for our Customers!

This month, Toni and I wanted to share some real examples of the effort we make to represent and support our clients. Both of these cases are from March, 2016.

Toni has a listing with sellers located out of state. The buyers’ property inspection revealed a rodent problem. She contracted directly with the pest company on behalf of the sellers, paid for, and supervised the multiple treatments to make sure the buyers’ concerns were resolved.

For my part, my new construction buyers made some kitchen counter and backsplash design selections that just didn’t work. The counters had been installed, and we were approaching the completion date. But when I walked in to check on progress and saw the uninstalled backsplash, I knew I had to step in. I asked the builder to please not install the backsplash. I went to a local store, picked up some tile samples in the styles and color I thought would help, and arranged to meet the buyer to share my concern. When they saw their backsplash selection against the counters they agreed they had made a mistake! I immediately updated the builder, called our tile supplier, and arranged for the buyer to make another selection. Now it is going to be a lovely kitchen! PS – the image shown is not from their kitchen – when it’s completed I’ll update the photo.

We’re on track to close both of these properties very soon.